About Us

Our Story

Welcome to our website. I am Caroline, the founder and owner of Nurture in Nature Forest School. I am an experienced Primary School teacher with more than a decade of experience working across the Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, in a range of schools in London and Hertfordshire.

Living in Amsterdam for several years, provided the opportunity to experience alternative education approaches and led to my qualification as a Montessori teacher. This experience and training sparked my ambition to move away from didactic teaching and create a child-led learning environment - something I pondered for many years.

I have always loved being outdoors and following the birth of my own children, I enjoyed spending time exploring nature with them and seeing their wonder and excitement. After attending a Forest School with both my daughters, I realised that this was the perfect match for my love of nature, working with children and being able to offer a holistic, child-led provision – a very different ethos to the classroom and something I felt passionate about from my Montessori training.

I embarked upon my Level 3 Forest School Practitioner training in 2018 and helped to set-up a Forest School provision within St Dominic Primary School in Harpenden. During this time I was able to witness the positive impact of Forest School on the pupils. I observed as the children increased their independence, confidence and perseverance, developed new skills and refined their social skills and interactions. The joy and excitement on their faces and their level of engagement in the sessions reaffirmed my belief in the benefits of providing all children with a Forest School experience and so I decided to set-up Nurture in Nature Forest School to offer more opportunities for children to engage and learn outside and experience Forest School.

Our Mission

I am passionate about encouraging and supporting our children to be happy, confident, enthusiastic, independent individuals. To create a setting where uniqueness is celebrated and children’s voices, ideas and interests are valued and heard; and where children have time to play, to be free from the pressures of school, schedules, technology and allow their creativity and imaginations to grow.

I am excited to be able to offer a provision which places the holistic development of a child at its core, where all children can achieve, succeed and flourish; where children are encouraged to follow their own interests and develop their ability to make decisions, manage and take risks and develop new skills.

Our Ethos

Our Forest School sessions nurture and develop each child using a holistic approach to learning. They provide the opportunity to learn new skills such as tool use and fires, allowing the children to learn the importance of managing risks and develop decision making skills.

During Forest School children initiate their own learning, they have the freedom to explore, play and develop at their own pace, following their own line of enquiry and interests. This builds the children’s self-motivation and resilience resulting in a positive attitude to learning. Forest School builds a sense of community, where everyone is equal and where we can share our skills and knowledge to support one another.

Through small, achievable tasks our children experience continual successes increasing their self- esteem and confidence. Activities are inclusive and value the uniqueness of each child, helping to develop independence, problem solving and social skills.

Spending time in a natural, outdoor woodland environment helps connect our children back to nature. They are given time to discover, learn about and take responsibility for the environment and the natural world we live in, supporting them in their journey to become responsible, caring global citizens.

Forest School provides safe, exciting learning experiences to develop each child’s potential in a climate of wonder, excitement, adventure, challenge and celebration.